Ottawa Bluesfest


Catch The Ace – Rules of Play

RBC Bluesfest Catch The Ace

Rules of Play

  • Raffle License #RAF1252705
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter the Chase the Ace raffle
  • All participants must be residents of Ontario
  • Tickets are sold till 9:30 pm daily at available kiosks
  • Daily Draw times: July 7th to 17th @ 10:00 -10:30 pm.
  • All draws will be video recorded for security and authenticity purposes
  • The daily draw will be conducted by the raffle management staff, and bonafide members of Ottawa Bluesfest at the main fundraising booth for public viewing.
  • The tickets are ONLY eligible and valid for the daily draw in which they were purchased. Once the draw is completed, the non-winning tickets are removed from the raffle drum. A new series of tickets will be sold for the next draw.

Prize Allocations

  • 20% of the daily sales will go directly to the winner of the ticket drawn
  • 30% of the daily sales will be added to the PROGRESSIVE PRIZE Jackpot
  • 50% of the daily sales will be allocated towards Ottawa Bluesfest’s Blues in the Schools/Be in the Band Charity program)
    *Should the winner of the ticket chosen have selected the envelope containing the ACE of SPADES, the winner will be awarded:

    • 20% of the daily sales AND
    • The total Progressive Jackpot of monies (30%) of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets in the current daily draw
  • One draw per day, on the last day of the event, assuming the Ace of Spades has not yet been found, 1 to 42 draws will occur until the ACE of SPADES is found.
  • If the ACE of SPADES is drawn at any time during the daily draws, the event and AGCO license are concluded
  • Winners will be contacted via by cellphone number provided and will be listed at the website, and will also be announced on the big screen at the Festival
  • Winners can claim their prizes at 450 Churchill Ave. N, Ottawa Ontario K1Z 5E2 after July 20th, 2022. Monday to Friday during the hours of 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Winners are highly encouraged to call the office at 613-247-1188 ext. 227, or email to arrange a time to come in to ensure everything is ready for the winner upon arrival. Winners will need to provide the original ticket (no photocopy or picture copy will be accepted) and a personal, government-issued  photo ID to authenticate their identity and age
  • To ensure the integrity of the Ottawa Bluesfest’s Charity Raffle, no staff member, board member, or anyone with “raffle operation” decision-making authority (and the family members of those listed) directly involved with the operations of CTA will not be permitted to purchase CTA raffle tickets (Prohibited players). Any tickets purchased by prohibited players will be voided and no refund(s) issued
  • CTA prizes will be awarded in the form of a certified cheque. No cash
  • Unclaimed prize will be held for six months until January 31st, 2023 at which time the unclaimed proceeds will be donated to a registered charity approved by AGCO
  • Players should be aware to contact Ontario Gambling Helpline at 1-888-230-3505 or at if help is required